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Emergency ready2apply PRO 2 WEM ready2apply. Product Model No.: ST-EL-EM-PRO-2W

Product Model No.: ST-EL-EM-PRO-2W
Product description
  • LED emergency module suitable for direct installation in ceilings
  • Complete set with integrated electronics, LED module, heat sink, optics and battery
  • Includes click-in multi-lens option for anti-panic, escape route and spot illumination
  • DALI interface and automatic test function
  • Small size ceiling hole, 40-43 mm diameter, 80 mm height
  • Output power 1.5 W
  • Very low stand-by power loss
  • Maintained and non-maintained variants
  • Maintained variant is DALI switchable (on/off
  • 1, 2 or 3 h rated duration (separate variants)
  • Plug-in Lithium Iron Phosphate battery with strain-relief
  • 5 years guarantee electronic (LED Driver)
  • 3 years guarantee battery