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StarBeam Linear Smart LED

StarBeam (low-glare range) is a complete luminaire with easy installation options designed for simplicity, flexibility and effectiveness. It is stylish and has a high-quality finish. Delivered in white colour or any other specified colour. Its low glare design means it is well suited for different applications such as presentation lighting, work station lighting, hotels, Conference/meeting rooms, residential, schools, workshop, warehouse, storage lighting etc. StarBeam linear is slim & rigid design, and can be surface mounted or suspended from ceilings. It is dimmable and has a very low glare of UGR<19 & high CRI of >90. The excellent glare control and high energy efficiency (150lm/W) also makes StarBeam linear good choice for most applications. The driver can be remote or inside the luminaire and comes with a five-year warranty. The driver and the LED modules can be easily replaced, so in the long-term upgrades or modular replacement is possible without replacing the whole light fitting. Its 50 x 50mm profile makes it compatible with standard electrical trunking, so makes installation easy and fast.

Main Features
  • UGR < 16, ultra low glare
  • High CRI > 90
  • Ultra High Lumen per Watt, 150lm/W
  • DALI and 1-10V dimming available
  • Installation: Pendant and surface mounted
  • Easy replacement LED and Driver modules
  • Hytronik / Tridonic Driver with flicker free, 5 Years Warranty
  • Available in 15W, 30W and 40W
  • Correlated Colour Temperature (CCT) controllable (optional)
  • Compatible with motion and photo (Daylight Harvesting) sensors
Range of StarBeam Linear LED lights:
Catalogue No. Length (x) width Height Wattage
StarBeam Linear (mm) (mm) (mm) Nominal wattage
SBL-5055-15W 500 50 50 15W
SBL-10055-30W 1000 50 50 30W
SBL-15055-40W 1500 50 50 40W

Options and Ordering Info:

Colour Temperature: WW= 4000K (Warm White)
NW= 5000K (Neutral White)
CW= 6000K (Cool White)
Emergency: EM
Tunable White: TW
Dimming: DIM


Order Example:
Typical order example SBL-10050-30W-NW-DIM
SBL Product Category = StarBeam Linear
10055 Size = 100cm x 5cm x 5cm
30W Wattage
NW Neutral White = 5000K
Dim Dimming

Polar Diagram exhibiting 78° - 80° beam angle

The curves indicate the illuminated area and the average illumination when the luminaire is at different distance
StarBeam Installation