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LED Smart Strips

Supplier of SUPER Quality LED Strips

Description: Colour Rendering LED.JPG
High Colour Rendering (Ra ≥ 95)

Full series of High Colour Rendering strips, up to 95+ Ra
Available with 3528, 5050, 5630, 2835, 3020, 2216, etc. And different power, different colour temperature all available.

Description: High Efficiency LED.JPG
High Efficiency (≥180lm/W)

Available in different power type
Made with SMD5630 LED, 128LED/m, 64LED/m all available.

Description: Super Brightness LED.JPG
Super Brightness (≥400lm/m)

4000lm/m, 180lm/W for single-line version
Available with many different brightness and different power strips. Also different colour, different types LED for choice.