Smart Lighting

Intelligent, efficient lighting to control where and when its used to a colour that matches your circadian rhythms.

Startek Lighting
The Power is in Your Hand - LED uses less power and you can control the light.

About StarTek Lighting

The most efficient L.E.D. light is the one that is only on when you need it to be, at the right colour, place, time and brightness.
LED lighting is the future and it is here, now!

New LED's (light emitting diodes) allow greater control and better performance than previous version. We at Startek Lighting Ltd use all the latest LED's in the construction of our lights permitting the highest efficiency and reliability.

These LEDS also allow our LED Lights to have easier control than conventional lights. So as well as high efficiency lighting we provide lighting with easy and efficient control, enabling even greater savings, with instant start, no flickering and low glare.

We also take great care with the design of our LED lights, ensuring they have reliable and efficient electronics and all our LED lights are tested to all the latest international, European and UK standards.

Our LED Lighting isn't just energy efficient it is also aesthetically pleasing as the small form factor of the LEDS enable smaller more practical designs.

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Human Centric Lighting

Human Centric Lighting (HCL) is a newly emerging field with its importance being studied and scientifically proving the biological effects of lighting on humans. All living beings have a biological clock, that synchronises them to the day and night cycle. This is called the Circadian Rhythm. There is different stimulus that effect and control this clock, in order to set it to the location on earth of the person.

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